Hello! This website is my personal journal, documenting the journey of my evolving philosophy on what I believe it takes to live a “good” life. In it, I write about my thoughts and the lessons I have learned from trying to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

While I draw heavily on Stoic philosophy, I have adapted their approach based on my experiences, as well as the insights I have gained from various religions, philosophical schools, and modern psychology. Philosophy to me is (or should be) a prescription for making decisions and living your life, not a pedantic exercise or an endless game of hairsplitting over meaningless distinctions. If philosophy does not help me make choices that are aligned toward what I want to achieve in life, what use is it? We cannot carry around a library of philosophical treatises and refer to them on every decision (as so aptly portrayed by the constant indecision of Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place). 

My philosophical journey has helped me grow as a person, by showing how much of my past was driven by emotion, irrational thought, and attempts to control things that were never under my control. It is my hope that you find it useful in your life as well.

One note regarding my posts: wherever possible I have tried to end each post with something that I think helps illustrate the point I am trying to make in the article (see the Food for Thought links). Enjoy.

Best Regards, Michael Lines

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstein