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Taking the first step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”Lao Tzu Before I can make a difference in my life to implement my plans I must take action. Taking that action can sometimes be a challenge when the goal I have set is ambitious. When I found myself procrastinating in getting started, the words of … Continue reading Taking the first step

Virtue Is Its Own Reward

Living a virtuous life is not the easy path but the harder path. Instead of indulging the whims of my lizard or monkey mind, I must take the time to review my thoughts to ensure that they are rational, and not rationalizing.
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Beware of False Prophets

As long as the people are constantly distracted and fighting each other, they do not have time or mental energy to recognize who is truly manipulating them or for what purpose, nor do they have time to think about what is truly in their best interest.
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My motivations

I sometimes struggle with the motivations for my decisions: am I doing what is best for myself and others because it is the right decision, or because I am seeking to be seen by others as a good person (and therefore have the excuse to tell myself I am)?
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Manners Matter

It seems that in these modern and stressful times, that stupidity and intolerance are ever expanding, while virtue and simple manners are retreating at a violent pace. What passed from grace and manners in my youth, are now just about forgotten.
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Rights vs Duties

It seems that human history evolves in continuous cycles of birth, growth, decay and destruction, with the shoot of the next society emerging from the ashes of the last. As western civilization dives deeper into the cycle of decay, the mechanisms of propaganda are in full force, as competing tribes increasingly and blatantly use emotional manipulation to drive the populace in the direction they want.
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Thoughts on Life

I continue to think about life and what it means for me and others. The choices that people seem to make regarding their life’s purpose, if any, seem to fall into 4 broad categories.
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Keeping Good Company

Since freeing myself from the chains of Facebook and Twitter, my life has become calmer and my thoughts more focused. While I continue to maintain accounts, I use them strictly for reposting of my writing.
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The Game of Life

Every moment of my life is my opportunity to make my values and goals a reality through my decisions. In other words, play the cards I hold now, not the ones I held in the past or the ones I wish I could hold in the future.
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