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“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”
Scottish proverb

The world is increasingly filled with drama, war, chaos and tension,  exacerbated by the media and the internet, and evil governments and corporations behind them advancing their own agendas.

Wishing for the problems to go away will not make it so, any more than wishing to win the lottery will make it happen, or wishing that someone sick will get better will lead to their recovery. Wishes are desires, and as such lead to suffering and discontentment, not to happiness.

Facing the issues that confront me is what allows me to formulate plans to resolve them. Whether my plans and actions are successful is in the hands of fate, however the ability to formulate and work to implement my plans is my own. Wishing ties my emotional wellbeing to an outcome that I do not control. As a Stoic, I will focus on my plans and actions, and let fate determine the outcomes.

I will not wish, I will work. If I believe [x] is a problem, and I have the means and the opportunity to change [x], then I will do so. However if I believe [x] is a problem but I do not have the means or opportunity to change [x], I will put it out of my mind and focus my plans and actions on what I can influence.

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