Checking my ego


“Remove desire for empty fame, the reputation of a philosopher, or to have lived your whole life as a philosopher. The plan of your life opposes it. Discard concern for how others see you and be content to live the remainder of your life without distraction, directed by your nature. You have experienced many wanderings without finding happiness; not in syllogisms, nor wealth, nor reputation, not pleasure, nor anywhere. Where is it then? In doing a man’s business. What to do? Follow your principles that relate to good or bad with the conviction that there is nothing good for man that does not make him just, temperate, manly and free and that there is nothing bad that does not do the contrary.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Bk. VIII. 1

While I am on a journey of self discover and improvement, there is a part of my mind that wants to celebrate what I have done and discovered and brag about it to others. In my rational mind I remind myself that this is my monkey mind, looking to put on airs and impress others.

Those who seem the most concerned with selling or forcing others to live and believe their way, as they tout it as the best for all, are either on a power trip and want to use their influence over you to control you for their benefit, or they are insecure in their own beliefs and want to force your compliance in order to justify their own beliefs. It is the rare individual who wants to help others without making their choices for them. Robin Williams as the psychologist in Good Will Hunting comes to mind.

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