Fuzzy and Fictitious


The world I experience is not the real world. It is an illusion filtered by the limits of my senses, and as such is only a fuzzy simulation of the real world created by my mind.

Likewise, what I think about the world and the people I share it with is at best an approximation, at worse a fiction. All living things are driven by self-interest to ensure their survival, and with man that self interest has evolved to the level of elaborate lies. Elaborate to the point that not only are we constantly lying to each other, we constantly lie to ourselves to explain why we did what we did, both before and after we did it. All lies are misrepresentations of the truth, and as such can arise from ignorance or limitations of our senses, as well as from deliberate intent.

When it comes to life in modern society, I will strive to maintain awareness of this situation, and work to filter the information I receive from others through awareness of the teller’s self interest and ignorance. Relationships, groups and governments are all out to manipulate me to serve their interests, and will concoct whatever story advances their goal. My challenge is understanding the underlying motivation to the story I hear and determine whether it aligns with my self-interest.

In that quest, I will let my actions be guided by skepticism, the scientific method and statistics. To the extent that the story I am hearing has data to support it, I will examine the data myself to determine whether it is both applicable to and supports the hypothesis, and let that guide my thinking and beliefs on the subject. All too often I find that the attempt to present an argument, even one supported with false data, is not even attempted as the debate on all subjects are dumbed down to level of who can present the highest volume emotional argument. The “Big Lie” technique is in full force today.

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