Ebbs and Flows

1024px-Simple_sine_wave.svg.pngMy life progresses in cycles. Sometimes I am energetic, other times lethargic. Sometimes my mind is sharp, other times dull. Whether it is my body, my mind, my relationships or my spirit, nothing about me stays the same or constantly improves.

Looking across the landscape (junkyard) of modern society however, that seems to be the expectation. If you are happy now, you should strive to stay happy or be happier! If you’re not, you’re doing something wrong! If your relationship is having a dip here are 12 things you must do immediately to turn it around!  Unhappiness, lethargy, low social standing, poor fitness, health or relationships must not be allowed under any circumstances! No wonder antidepressants, mental illness and suicide are at epidemic levels.

Like the stock market, the more I try to artificially maintain a trend or mode and not allow it’s normal cycle, the greater the strain I place on myself and the harder and deeper the inevitable fall when it occurs.

My life is not a linear progression – that I will continue further up or down depending on where I at the moment and the current trend. It is a cycle. Wheels within wheels, sine waves within sine waves. It is the trend of the median of the sine wave that matters and that I work to influence. The ups and downs along the way are just part of the cycle of life and are to be ignored for the most part.

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