Highways, Rudders and Weathervanes

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 6.59.41 AM.png

We all make choices based on the information available and the biases in our thinking. Some of these choices can be inflexible and dogmatic, such as those who hew to religion, especially fundamentalists, while others (including myself) attempt to have a more open mind.

In this regard, our choices can range in comparison from that of a highway (fixed destination and difficult to change course), to a weathervane (highly variable and easily changed with no direction). The best analogy and the model I try and emulate is that of a rudder, steering a steady course toward my objectives in life, yet capable of change as obstacles or new information arises. Even when I divert due to new information it does not mean that I abandon my goal, only that I will chart a new course to achieving it, unless the information causes me to question the goal itself.

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