Dimensions of Control

There are 3 dimensions to my reality at any moment – what I am thinking, what I am feeling and what I am doing. As such, the results of my thoughts, feelings and actions define me as a person and should be the pillars that I base my life upon. Whether I think rationally or irrationally, whether I control my feelings or allow them to control me, whether I act (or not) as appropriate with my decisions or whether I allow cowardice to inhibit my actions, will determine whether these pillars are straight and strong, or cracked and crooked.

Classic Stoic philosophy from Plato defines the 4 primary virtues as:

I think that the more appropriate list is aligned to the dimensions of my being; thoughts, feelings and actions, as:

  • Thoughts – Critical Thinking (Rationality)
  • Feelings – Calm (Controlling my emotions)
  • Actions – Courage (Doing the right thing as dictated by my reason)

The antithesis of these, and what I seek to avoid in my life are:

  • Thoughts – Irrationality
  • Feelings – Intemperance (Allowing my emotions to control me)
  • Actions – Cowardice (Failing to do the right thing as dictated by my reason)


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