I wish (to stop wishing)

I exist in this moment, and all the discrete moments that follow. I have no existence in the past other than in memories, no existence in the future other than in possibilities.

Wishing to change the past leads to depression, as the past cannot be changed. I will not ignore the past, but only dwell on it to the extent needed to learn the lessons I need to avoid the same mistakes or events in the future.

Wishing to change the future leads to fear or anxiety, as all I can control is “now”. I will limit my thoughts of the future to those goals I seek to attain and how I want to attain them, and not fantasize about events that I have no influence over or which are unlikely to occur. The implementation of my plans for the future occur in the “now”, which is where I will focus my mind when I find it drifting too much to the past or future.

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