Life is a Game


I treat life as a game. Here are the obstacles, there are the surprises, how well can I play my hand and position? I will do the best I can but remember that the score is calculated not on distance achieved or possessions obtained, but rather on style (in my case by how well I can live a virtuous life). The only score that matters is the one that I keep.

My Mantras

To focus and calm by mind, I use the following mantras:

There is no past. There is no future. There is only “now”.

I will not be concerned with that which I cannot change in the past, or that I cannot predict in the future. My only control is over this moment.

I control my thoughts, actions and reactions, all else is out of my control.

My beliefs and values are my own, and I am responsible for developing and shaping them as I grow and learn throughout life.